The Platano Turns 2

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So this is what’s up: A couple days ago, NPR had a puff piece about the two year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and, puff-ness notwithstanding, I was a little floored – has it really been two years? Time flies, I suppose, especially when you experienced the storm on the periphery. Like, right on the rim – 100 miles north of the city in Rhinebeck and by and large on the edge from a logistics standpoint. We didn’t even lose power, which is surprising since when you live in the forests of the Northeast, an especially strong sneeze can cause an upset to the grid that may take upwards of 11 days to rectify. Or at least that was the case back in ’87 – though in that case, the especially strong sneeze was more like three inches of snow in the first week of October. In this case, we didn’t even lose internet. Most of the storm was spent streaming Moonrise Kingdom, for crying out loud. So yeah, no flooding, no washed out boardwalks, not much really. The surge up the Hudson caused some coastal flooding and a couple boats were knocked off their moorings and jackstands, but even then the damage was negligible. In fact, the only true inconvenience of the storm for me involved the Platano Verde. Sometime during the onslaught of Sandy, I finally decided enough was enough and it was time to head south back to Costa Rica to prepare for the Central American Biennial and Pau and I’s wedding. Earlier in the year, I’d cobbled together a fur-covered prototype of what would one day become the Platano Verde and figured that in order to recoup the cost of airfare and give us some income in the field, it would make sense to go production with it. Pau designed the artwork, largely involving smooching some actual green plantains between saran wrap in the scanner. I cobbled together the circuit boards from my notes (the prototype found a home with a friend in Oakland, Ca. a few months prior), shelled out for enclosures and jacks and ordered the adhesives… right before the storm hit. Let’s talk logistics. When the northeast is experiencing a gasoline shortage, UPS gets weird. And it only gets weirder when even a trip to the local office involves wading through the parking lot in ditch boots. Not to draw out the description, everything arrived eventually, albeit about two days before I split south and sleep was sacrificed for solder. And, as usual when such events occur, things got interesting, but in the end turned out okay. And with that, the first batch of Platanos were born. 2 years ago. on the back of a superstorm. Figured I’d at least tell the story. We sell them in the usual places. They’re $89, which is fairly inexpensive considering the current economic state of things – hell, go use your left over gasoline savings and pick two up – one for home, one for the car or something. Figured I’d pontificate while I have a second on a cold, windy autumn Sunday in Charm City. How are you doing?

And they’re up!

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As promised, new batches of not only 23’s, but also 24’s and Gold Standards. Come get ‘em, y’all! – Here’s the link:


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Hi Y’all – just a quick heads up that the next batch of 23’s will be ready for order on Wednesday, October 17. As soon as they’re ready I’ll post the links up on our stores and various social media outlets. Then I return to my cave for more soldering, building and occasional dad excursions. Not to say I’m complaining – loving every minute of it. Also, for those looking for 24’s, hold onto your hats – they’re next up on the bench.


23’s on the way!

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Hallo Children:

So the internet was down at the workshop all weekend – administrative error involving old resident never actually canceling their service and our provider never actually following up. But after a few hours of stern lecturing to a poor call center employee in a country on the other side of the world, I think things are more or less sorted out and here we are. Gotta say – thanks for the props, support and recognition that the reviews in both Guitar Player and Guitar Moderne have turned out. Nice to know we’re potentially on the right track. As a heads up, we’re planning to expand our operations a bit and are looking for distributors to help with spreading the good word – more on that as it comes up, but at least from my end, the more I can spend building as opposed to marketing, the happier I am. So, if someone might be interested in taking on our wares, please, by all means, get in touch. But in the meantime, after a short break for baby stuff, we’re happy to announce that production at the workshop has begun again in earnest, and batches are being churned out, much to our collective delight. First up is a new batch or 23’s set to coincide with the third anniversary or their original release. Egad, three years – oh how the time flies. He says while entertaining three week old daughter, born slightly before the end of his first year in Baltimore. Time. She be weird. Will let y’all know once the boxes are ready. Until then, feel free to browse our Reverb and Etsy stores and pick up something fancy. The holidays, they be coming. Among other things.



VauxFlores Reviewed in Guitar Player

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VauxFlores in Guitar Player

While the good news is still rolling: we here at headquarters are honored to announce that VauxFlores has been featured in a 4-page review in the November 2014 issue of Guitar Player Magazine! Curious about what they say about us? Grab a copy and check it out! Spoiler alert: it’s good!

VauxFlores Featured in Guitar Moderne

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Hiyo – so for those who’re fancy enough to consider themselves regular readers, there’s been a lot going on in our section of the planet-sphere – and I’m not just talking about two artists’ ability to somehow keep a small, helpless human alive for over two weeks. First off, I should mention that we were, well, mentioned in Guitar Moderne – an online webzine for adventurous guitarists as a “Cool Gear Alert.” Considering I began designing pedals for exactly that section of the music-sphere, I think we might be making progress on the whole finding a niche in the industry thing. You can check the article here. Also, for anyone who tracks such things, I’m about to release a new batch of 23’s – be on the lookout for them in the next couple weeks. More on that as building progresses – especially now that building is wedged between feeding, naps and trips to the office where most of my meetings are typically punctuated with the showing of baby pictures to any and all interested in seeing such things. Ah fatherhood…

30 Seconds of Racket, Pt. 3

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Loves: Third and final demo video from the good folks at Guitar Player, this time featuring the VauxFlores 24 in all it’s industrial glory. In other news, the whole new-parent thing goes. Sleep schedules are being adjusted, baby’s been home for over a week, new apartment has been moved into. After a short hiatus, I think it may be time to start building again. After all, there is another mouth to feed around the compound these days…


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