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A couple new prints to look at, derived from manipulating recordings of synthesizer improvisations I’ve been noodling with over the past few months into thinking that they’re image files. The plan is to eventually have them printed onto sheets of aluminum, but at the moment, they’re strictly digital. Thoughts? Suggestions? Drop a line and let me know.

Meanwhile, in the world of electronics, there’s much in the works. First up, another batch of Eyecilators. Then some Platanos. Then a flock of 24’s. Then a surprise or two. Hey now summer prototyping!

Greetings from San Francisco from the Past

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Hi all,

Another gem of past performances found on the wide, wonderful internet. This one comes from Battery Townsley, in the Marin Headlands north of San Francisco, Ca. from August 2014, where I premiered my latest Hydroprinting piece. Enjoy!

And we’re back!

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Quite literally. Possibly one of the worst times to ever return to Baltimore, but all said, it’s not as bad as the news makes it out to be, especially in our neighborhood. Both the Etsy and the Reverb shops are currently open, we had a blast on our trip and Xime’s teething – all said, the plusses outweigh the minuses – kind of like the current season of Game of Thrones, which, while it may be grievously deviating from the books, it probably for the best. Or something like that. Another micro-update. One day I’ll write some super-long diatribe again. But until that time, eh, so it goes. Stay classy everyone!

Set away message here

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Hi everyone! So just a quick heads up that we’re away from the workshop for a second, taking a long weekend to visit Xime’s grandparents in Costa Rica – fun times! Normally we wouldn’t announce something like this but considering that the online shops have mandatory turnaround times for shipping, etc. we’ve set them to “vacation mode” for the duration. Meaning, if you’re looking to order something from us, you’ll have to wait until we’re back on Tuesday. However, if you happen to be in San José, we’ll be performing at Amon Solar on Monday night and have a pile of exclusive synths and pedals with us for anyone looking to pick up something zesty. More on that later, but I figured I’d at least mention we were away for anyone confused as to why it looks like our tiny cottage industry seems a little bare at the moment. Ok, back to the festivities – more soon!


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Hey gang – another one of these micro-posts. A quick heads up that our current batch of Eyecillators, otherwise known as optically-controlled cv-manipulation device that doubles as  a rudimentary, yet kind of amusing 4-oscillator glitch synth is now available at Control in Brooklyn, New York. Price is still $44 – arguably one of the cheapest buy-ins for anything that spits CV, but so it goes. In the area? Have a second? Pop on over and check them out!

A pleasant musical interlude…

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So I just found these while searching the Youtube for videos of me in to send to the press in anticipation of an upcoming show. Ever wonder what I was up to 9 summers ago? Here’s a quick sound byte. Andy McWain on Piano. I play the bass. All said, they’re pretty good. 23 year old self, I salute you.





A Quick VF Field Report

•April 9, 2015 • Comments Off on A Quick VF Field Report

Hi everyone and happy April, where Pau, Xime and I are getting into the spring swing of things, as well as packing our bags for a quick jaunt back to Costa Rica – well, more of a long weekend, if anything, but it’ll be the first time either of us will have been there since 2013 – looking forward to introducing our little one to friends and family, as well as trucking up a couple more suitcases of our stuff – much to the delight of Pau’s folks. Enough about us though and more about Paul Mimlitsch, an extremely talented performer and improviser on guitar and bass clarinet who’s taken up the VF standard and really pushed the limits of what even I thought was possible with our boxes – I mean, seriously impressive. Seriously, seriously impressive – like it rendered me, as vociferous as I typically am, completely speechless when I first heard his recordings at the end of last year. Good stuff. Great stuff – feel free to take a listen to the recordings included with this post and then buzz over to his Soundcloud page to check out the rest. Gotta say, as a builder, it’s always a good thing to hear what recordings your creations end up on – especially when they completely supersede your expectations of what they’re capable of. Looking forward to hearing more. And I guess on that note, hey, anyone else have any recordings you’d like to share? Forever curious. (t)


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