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Hey gang – another one of these micro-posts. A quick heads up that our current batch of Eyecillators, otherwise known as optically-controlled cv-manipulation device that doubles as  a rudimentary, yet kind of amusing 4-oscillator glitch synth is now available at Control in Brooklyn, New York. Price is still $44 – arguably one of the cheapest buy-ins for anything that spits CV, but so it goes. In the area? Have a second? Pop on over and check them out!

A pleasant musical interlude…

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So I just found these while searching the Youtube for videos of me in to send to the press in anticipation of an upcoming show. Ever wonder what I was up to 9 summers ago? Here’s a quick sound byte. Andy McWain on Piano. I play the bass. All said, they’re pretty good. 23 year old self, I salute you.





A Quick VF Field Report

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Hi everyone and happy April, where Pau, Xime and I are getting into the spring swing of things, as well as packing our bags for a quick jaunt back to Costa Rica – well, more of a long weekend, if anything, but it’ll be the first time either of us will have been there since 2013 – looking forward to introducing our little one to friends and family, as well as trucking up a couple more suitcases of our stuff – much to the delight of Pau’s folks. Enough about us though and more about Paul Mimlitsch, an extremely talented performer and improviser on guitar and bass clarinet who’s taken up the VF standard and really pushed the limits of what even I thought was possible with our boxes – I mean, seriously impressive. Seriously, seriously impressive – like it rendered me, as vociferous as I typically am, completely speechless when I first heard his recordings at the end of last year. Good stuff. Great stuff – feel free to take a listen to the recordings included with this post and then buzz over to his Soundcloud page to check out the rest. Gotta say, as a builder, it’s always a good thing to hear what recordings your creations end up on – especially when they completely supersede your expectations of what they’re capable of. Looking forward to hearing more. And I guess on that note, hey, anyone else have any recordings you’d like to share? Forever curious. (t)


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A brief post, truncated primarily by the combination of ice storm and finding activities to do with an infant who, while not necessarily cognizant of this, was promised a trip to DC today and is now confined indoors at home since it is indeed gross out. However, yesterday, when it was not gross out, our good friend Ami Dang came over to plug her sitar into a Number 23, as well as introduce Xime to music other than her dad’s strange chirps and whatnot. Here’s the initial report. Notice – a sitar run through a 23 does indeed sound awesome.

VF’s 23 Reviewed in Guitar Moderne

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Wow, two posts in one day – when it rains, or snows, or snows and then melts and refreezes, or whatever the current weather pattern outside may indicate by “Special Weather Advisory” at the moment, or however the seasonally-apporpriate saying may go. In this case, we’re happy to announce that the good folks at Guitar Moderne, currently one of our favorite blogs on the world wide web at the moment has provided us with a comprehensive and epic review of our Number 23 fuzz. Read all about it here. For those interested in taking the plunge, head over to one of our online marketplaces and follow the prompts. Also, as a heads up, all 23’s from here on out will now be epoxy-sealed as apposed to clear-coated – meaning that while the box may be boutique, it can take even more of a beating and still come out relatively unscathed. Or at least to be expected considering that this is effectively a product designed to be stepped on. Figured I’d mention it.

Also, seeing as it’s come up in two reviews now, I figure it may be time to mention what these “atonal heterodyned artifacts” are. The 23, while capable of making ring modulator-like sounds, isn’t a ring modulator. To be one of those, you need a carrier frequency and a modulator frequency and, for lack of any better descriptions, a ring of diodes. Seeing as I actually studied synthesis, I’d feel weird saying it does something it doesn’t just because it sounds kind of like a ring modulator. Thing is, when you combine frequencies on the 23 – i.e., like when you lay two notes at the same time, the combination of these frequencies produces beating patterns that are received as a separate pitch other than the notes you’re playing – in other words, heterodyning, but not by way of a ring modulator. Why atonal? Because they are. In some settings you get a nice octave up, but in most, the pitch is just off the charts and off the scale. Why artifacts? Because of the gating effect present in this box – remember, unpredictability is key here. These tones aren’t consistent, so hey, why not say artifacts rather than “weird sounding stuff that sounds different than what you played, but only sometimes.” What can I say, I espouse an air for the poetic sometimes or something…

¡Eyes Mk-ii!

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2015 Eyecillator

A quick one as we get ready to take Xime to her first Chinese New Year celebration, provided we can dig out the car and the roads are plowed, etc. Yeah northeast/mid-atlantic logistics! But, hey, it’s a new year, so lets offer up some new stuff! First up, the new incarnation of our beloved Eyecillator – bare-metal, industrial and $44 bucks. Fun times in the wonderful world of opto-synthesis and control voltage awaits you at this here link – go check it out! And now, I shovel.



**note – the Eyecillator is currently sold out – but we’ll have a few more ready for consumption in about a week – will keep you posted**

This week’s print-haul

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Greetings from Baltimore where Pau and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary by doing something we haven’t done in a long time – namely, eating sushi, one of the major taboo’s of just about any pregnancy. I figure I have about a good 15 minutes more until I succumb to a tuna-flavored stupor, so here’s the latest haul of prints I’ve been working on over the past week or so. Nothing too special – mostly just eye-candy, but hey, sometime’s that’s all you need. The process is again pretty straightforward data bending; combining digital photographs with homebuilt analog synth experiments until something decent is conjured from the ethers. Not quite sure where I’m going with this, but I said I’d do 144 – let’s see how things pan out, yes?

Also, more fun electronics on the way – things tend to slow down in the winter due to ventilation issues, but even so, this winter is mild in comparison – we’ll have something fancy for you soon.




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