Rebirth and Derivations

Hello and Good Morning,

Please forgive our dust while we hack this thing together. Or rather, let me take a step back and explain just exactly what this particular endeavor is. Formerly, we used to call ourselves the Thinktank Collective while we went to school in Ohio and realized that strength in numbers was an ideal thing when all involved are emerging artists. After a while, however, we all graduated, went our separate ways – keeping in touch primarily to document our collective actions and have our respective new locales serve as outposts for continued cultural exchange. Every once in a while we’d release a record or two to document our travels – usually in the form of hand-assembled, limited edition art-discs, reserved primarily for sale at live shows while on tour, which, in all, proved to be a relatively successful industry. Unfortunately, the industry changed over the years to the point where our website was outdated, as were several of out stylistic outlets and methods of distribution. Oh, and we were threatened with a trademark infringement lawsuit from a progressive rock label from Los Angeles with a similar moniker who decided to seek legal action rather than actually take the time to realize that there was neither a grievance, nor any similarity in our wares. Regardless, we made the decision to distance ourselves from them, as well as every other media agency with the Thinktank monikers and, after some time and debate, decided to rebrand ourselves as Vaux Flores, albeit with a couple modern twists and turns. More to come on that as we continue to flesh out our new wares and locales, but in the meantime a.) welcome and b.) you are loved.

All the best,

The folks at Vaux Flores, né Thinktank Media

~ by vauxflores on April 25, 2011.

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