One From the Archives

A single raindrop amidst a deluge, contributing the smallest part to a resounding cacophony, indifferent, yet equally important to the environment it exists in. Perhaps not the most orthodox way of introducing a release, but in this case we find it to be an apt description for Satellite’s first full-length release, presented in glorious stereophonic sound and available exclusively here, from us. We recorded this album in July 2007 in various outdoor locations throughout New York’s Hudson River Valley – the air was thick with humidity and thunder rolled in the distance, creating low, symphonic rumbles amidst a sea of singing insects – and somewhere between the cicadas and the ozone we attempted to add our own voices, mixing prepared guitars and electronics, cutting through the heat with our own pianissimo voices, indifferent yet important as the rain began to fall. Originally available as a limited edition pressing of 25 hand-assembled packages, Sylvedic is now available exclusively as a digital release, documenting and disseminating a unique record made by unique people during a very unique time. Come join us in the infinite as we invite you to drift away with us, melting into the night to sing our songs once more amidst the deluge of indifference.


~ by vauxflores on May 20, 2011.