VauxFlores: Phase 2

After years of fabricating boutique experimental electronics, we’ve decided to take a stab at economic self-sufficiency with our crafts and expand into small-scale production venture, effectively uniting our artistic endeavors in a way we’d never thought possible. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second phase of VauxFlores. Second phase? Hunh? Please Explain.

 So ok, it’s 2011. The traditional concept of a record label evaporated over a decade ago and with the advent of clouds, torrents, and streaming music services, the concept of making a living strictly from your music is a luxury reserved exclusively for decrepit stadium-rockers and pop spinsters living on the touring circuit. Of course, there’s the occasional flukes who pop up from time to time, such as the breakthrough sensation ponied out by the majors to prove they’re still with it, the legally-embroiled protege set to watch over the empire while their master’s serving time on a number of charges, or rarer still, the teenage video sensation forced to perform by way of a handycam and their mother’s menopausal desires for a vicarious lifestyle. But all said, the notion of a viable career as a creative or experimental musician went out the door around the time of a 50th birthday concert.

 So here we are. Albums can be easily replicated in multiple formats, labels subside in bedrooms and shoeboxes, entire discographies are bought and sold for less than $5, record stores barely exist outside the obscure, nostalgic and collectible and the thought of giving away a cd is equivalent to a business card and a handshake from less than a generation ago. In most situations, to be a musician or an artist is synonymous with crippling poverty, dead-end jobs, less than ideal performance spaces, and a toxic apartment on the wrong side of the tracks. All said, not so appealing.

 It’s time we do something about that. So, in effort to fully devote ourselves to the arts and better support our endeavors, we’ve decided to expand exactly what it is we do. Our predecessor, Thinktank Media prided itself as a record label – with VauxFlores, we intend to be more. Granted we will still release records, and will be introducing a couple new series within the next couple of months, but for the moment, our new focus will be on creating tools to allow creative musicians and experimental artists work, effectively expanding our economic reach to allow artists to support artists without relying on external corporate influence to provide the tools with which we produce our wares. And to begin, our first offering comes in the form of Number 23, a unique, hand-hewn guitar pedal that blends the best aspects of DIY aesthetics with a professional build, beautifully packaged and designed to allow us to continue making art and music by making art and music and by extension, allowing others to do the same. That said, we invite you to check it out, support small-business, the artistic community, one less corporate influence on your art and once again, a.) welcome to phase 2 and b.) you are loved.


~ by vauxflores on October 15, 2011.