Electronics in the Field

A heads up and hearty recommendation for those checking in to check out a new single by Costa Rican noise rock duo Colornoise, out now on Automata Records. Two points of interest here, outside of some generally righteous music coming out of our current port-of-call – specifically being:

For those not in the know, Colornoise will be playing at Festival Imperial later this month, alongside such acts as Björk, The Flaming Lips and TV on the Radio. Tickets should still be available if the spirit moves, you’re in the area and haven’t picked up one already.

This track makes use of a full array of VauxFlores electronics, with both Numbers 23 and 24 doing their part to imbibe a certain sonic signature to the track. All said, I’m blown away with what they were able to come up with.

Seriously – it’s a damn good track. Check it out!


~ by vauxflores on March 16, 2012.