Gradual Sphere Expansion

It’s with great pleasure that we announce that VauxFlores Pedals are now available at RetroTone Guitars in La Sabana, San José, Costa Rica – which, in our opinion is by far one of the best shops for high-quality music wares in the entire country. Whether you’re a local legend, an ex-pat with discerning tastes, a rock-star barista (or is it barista rock star?) on a pilgrimage to origin or some combination of all of the above, we highly implore you to drop by and check it out.

For those unfamiliar with addresses in Costa Rica, a quick lesson for you: street signs are optional at best and usually unused. Instead, directions are given in relation to various landmarks, parks and other sedentary objects. For instance, to get to the aforementioned guitar shop, in La Sabana – a central-park type area of the city that used to be an international airport but is now home to a very large soccer stadium, a couple ponds and oodles of eucalyptus trees – from the entrance of UCMED you go 100 meters south, 100 meters east and then 25 meters south. House #38 – can’t miss it.  For more information on RetroTone, check out their website or find them on Facebook.


~ by vauxflores on May 17, 2012.