Blue Martian Sound Machines

Additional pictures and documentation from of our latest fur-covered experiment. For this build, I’m once again exploring the potential of the Number 23 circuit, searching for additional ghosts in machines and other attempts at new harmonic potential. Similar to Number 23 MK I and II, this build uses the 23 circuit board, but unlike it’s predecessors, an entirely new set of transistors and diodes are used, drastically playing down the harsh, ring-modulated atonal aspects and instead going for more of a warm overdrive with a tube-like aftertaste. Well, sort of. It’s still built by me, so it’s still a bit of an odd duck, but it’s closer to the middle than most. For the controls on this build, I’ve once again opted to go minimal. The top knob is your traditional volume control that dials in a slightly dirty boost when used on it’s lonesome. Below it is a switched feedback control that, like it implies, dials in the crazy. Tweak it with just a touch and you have some tube warmth in your system. A little more and it’s total crunch town. Finally, when you twist this full stick, you get a dish of howling madness amidst a wall of overtones. I make no promises here, but all in all it sounds pretty neat. Not to mention the purple fur, of course. That’s also neat.


~ by vauxflores on September 13, 2012.