Autumnal Printwork

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Another report from the New York office, as it were, where the temperature’s dropped 20 degrees and forays into the outdoors are marked with the pelting of acorns and pre-torpor rodents occupying the periphery. At night, coyotes sing and I’ve taken to sleeping in the living room to monopolize the heat from the woodstove. In the workshop, a new batch of pedals are awaiting their final tweaks and the woodpile grows as trees on the property, either felled by the previous winter or killed by woodpeckers, are dealt with in the order in which they are received. On weekends, my brother and I are fixing the driveway, and the prevalence of flannel shirts and pumpkin-flavored beverages increases exponentially. In short, it’s some sort of Caldecott-medal winning slice of Americana, and to be honest, I’m not so sure how to feel about that. I mean, yeah, it’s kind of nice, especially following the summer adventures in San Francisco, but the speed of the country is something that takes getting used to. Not to say that I’m urban at heart, but there’s something about knowing what you want before you stand in line that helps the universe function more efficiently. Call it a hunch, but I’m chalking this current ire up to a residual effect of living in Costa Rica for the past year and a half – say what you will about the various tropico-political hot-button discussion starters, but CR has waiting in line down to a science. Perhaps too scientific for my tastes, but so it goes. Somewhere a happy medium exists. Hopefully it’s in a place with an agreeable climate and interesting cultural mores.

Moving on. A note on the weather in and around the compound. Other than being cold, it’s also wet, and a decent storm system’s been passing through on a weekly basis, creating punctuations in my quest to quell the forces of nature inflicting havoc on my yard, and diverting my attention inwards, or at least indoors. Beer’s been brewed, chili’s were pickled, electronics were built. Later, schematics were sketched, and .CAD files were updated. And then this. Building on the theme of data manipulation introduced in my Bioprinting piece, I decided to explore other manifestations of the process-derived digital imagery, starting with this set of data-bent prints. To obtain these images, I used a set of photographs from a hiking trip to Big Sur, California from December 2010, exporting the photographs from a .jpg format to an uncompressed .raw format. From there, I imported the uncompressed data into Audacity, which interpolated the image as a sound file. Using a series of non-linear edits and audio processing, I manipulated each file and re-exported the data as a photo image, creating the resulting prints in the slideshow. For the time being, I’m treating these prints as interesting results of experimentation. However, I eventually would like to develop a coherent process for this approach to sound/data manipulation, as well as explore the development of custom hardware similar to the electronics used for Bioprinting to further expand this medium.

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