Somos Legión Invades Iceland

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A post about art, if only to remind myself that the electronics side of VauxFlores is intended to fund larger artistic endeavors, as opposed to simply eek out a living one box at a time – not to say that the electronics wing isn’t a blast (it is), but you know, higher calling and all that. A quick story: About a year ago, I sent a prototype of Number 23 to a good friend in Iceland to see what sounds he could make with it. This was actually a special build that used different clipping diodes – namely swapping the rectifiers that the common 23 uses for a combination of germanium diode and blue LED. Different sound – still ring-modulated, but much more mellow – a total Martian blues box. Around the same time, we’d also just installed Pau’s Hollow Humans show at the Alianza Francesa in San José, Costa Rica as part of the 2012 Fiestival Internacional de las Artes. As a result, bugs were everywhere. So, as a whim, when I boxed up the pedal, I threw a bug in the box to keep it company with a note describing the colonization theme behind Somos Legión and a request to snap a couple pictures of this critter in its new habitat. Months later, they’ve finally arrived – in amazing, beautiful, technicolor splendor. I so need to get me to Iceland. If anyone has suggestions ala cool residencies, festivals, or other paid art opportunities round thereabouts, please get in touch. Or for that matter, if there’s a preferred, independent guitar shop somewhere in the vicinity that might be interested in carrying our wares, we’d be more than willing to accommodate. More on the way as we wrap this year up in preparation for a crazy-busy start to 2013, but in the meantime, enjoy the pictures.

A special thanks to Gudmundur Steinn Gunnarsson for taking the time to snap some photos for us.

~ by vauxflores on December 19, 2012.