December Printwork

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Another slow day at the New York outpost, waiting for word from the outside. January’s fixing to be beyond busy, so it’s probably best to take advantage of this time to put as much as I can in order before the fun begins. Yesterday we were happy to disseminate the latest report from Pau’s colonization-themed Somos Legión piece. Today’s theme: prints. Databent ones to be specific. Similar to my last installation of prints, these are also derived from a hiking trip in Big Sur, California that I went on in December 2010, edited and manipulated by subjecting raw image data to audio processing algorithms via the open-source software Audacity. With these prints, my emphasis was on abstraction, or rather, seeing as far as I could go before the image file was completely destroyed. Obviously, some are more damaged than others. Another issue I addressed while creating these prints is that of display. As digitally-derived artwork, it seems somewhat counterproductive to simply print them out and declare them giclée prints. I almost feel that in order to preserve the digital-ness of the prints, they somehow must be displayed digitally, but in a way that reflects their glitch-based origins. In other words, a digital monitor can only go so far. One thought that I was considering was that of LED panels, projected on semi-opaque plastic, but this method might prove cost prohibitive. In other words, it may take some time. Eventually, eventually. In the meantime, enjoy the prints. Coincidentally, this series is the source for the artwork for the VauxFlores Number 24 Fuzz pedal. I wonder – should the final display simply be a collection of 12 custom edition guitar boxes? Could be interesting – though it also reminds me of some of the variant-cover tactics utilized by comic book companies in the early-90’s, that admittedly tricked me out of my hard-earned allowance at least a couple times. Here – buy this now: it’s the same poorly written story, featuring muscle-bound geeks with multiple pouches and proportionately-deformed women with ridiculously small feet! I know you already have this issue, but hey, this is the “rare” variant cover! Collect all 12!

Uhm, yeah. On second thought, I’ll get back to you on that.


~ by vauxflores on December 20, 2012.