Press from Panama

m+v at BAVIC

Slowly greasing the gears here for things to get back into motion at the southern workshop. Panama was amazing, the opening was a blast, the bus back was… interesting, and a week after returning from Bavic, Pau and I got married at a wonderful ceremony in Puerto Viejo in front of a collection of friends and family from about 8 countries. At the moment, said friends and family are still filtering through various tours and beach excursions as we slowly get back to the grind, with us serving as humble logistics coordinators, but in the meantime, here’s a list of various press mentions from our trip to Panama – I’ll update it as more become available, but I figure it’s best to get these guys to the front page for a tick before burying them back in the archives. Most, if not all are in Spanish, but hey, Google translate, kids. And yes, for anyone on the outside looking in, that is what we look like.

~ by vauxflores on January 30, 2013.

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