The Direct Correlation between Down-time at the Studio and Synthesizer Interludes

Tiny Furry Oscillator

Documentation of a quick, yet effective synthesizer build I cobbled together last week out of stuff I had lying around the studio. All said, I think the cuteness factor in this particular build is pretty killer. In the meantime, drawing up lesson plans for a possible diy-electronics workshop in San José, preparing a couple sound projects, planning a series of custom/unique pedals, sketching out ways to make use of the mountain of LED’s that are accumulating around the workshop and generally enjoying myself as we wait for marriage paperwork to process and the next adventure begins. Not to say we’re not in an adventure right now with regard to the grand narrative, but compared to the last month of activities in and around the isthmus, it’s nice to have a minute to step back and enjoy the scenery for a second before plunging back into the abyss. That said, enjoy the video, kids,


~ by vauxflores on February 11, 2013.

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