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Hi y’all – additional documentation for our upcoming TicoTronics course. For those in the area, our first session is on Wednesday, March 6 and we’d love to see you there. For those not in the area, stay tuned, since we’ll a.) be posting information derived from the course for those interested in following along at home and b.) we’ll hopefully be offering this course outside of Costa Rica later this year, time and country to be determined. More on that later, but in the meantime, our abstract:

In this class, we will be building a small, yet versatile analog modular synthesizer, constructed entirely of components common to San José, Costa Rica. Designed for a versatile audience, this class is equally suited for experienced makers, as well as those new to instrument building and sound creation. No previous electrical experience is needed and other than a soldering iron, all materials wil be provided. The synthesizer itself will feature three voltage-controlled modules, adapted from popular DIY designs and designed to allow additional modifications after their initial construction. They are: a Cascading Square-Wave generator adapted from Nicolas Collins’ Handmade Electronic Music, a LFO-Modulated Triangle Wave generator adapted from Ray Wilson’s Music From Outer Space and an 8 Step Sequencer adapted from the Baby 10 Sequencer kit of the 1980’s. At the end of the course, we’ll also be making a powered enclosure for your modules. Over the course of the class we’ll encounter a wide variety of components, as well as schematics and electronics theory, which will be broken down in a fun, hands-on approach that will not only produce a cool, hand-made instrument, but also provide the electronic fundamentals that will allow you to experiment and create your own designs to expand your instrument after the course ends.

y en español:

En esta clase, estaremos construyendo un pequeño pero versátil sintetizador análogo modular, construido enteramente con componentes disponibles en San José, Costa Rica. El curso esta diseñado para un público versátil desde los fabricantes experimentados, aficionados al circuitbending hasta los que se inician en la construcción de instrumentos y creación de sonido.

No se necesita experiencia previa con electronica y con la exepción del cautin para soldar, todos los materiales será proporcionados. El sintetizador contará con tres módulos controlados por voltaje, con diseños adaptados de sintetizadores DIY populares que permiten modificaciones adicionales tras su construcción inicial.

Los sintetizadores son: Generador de señales cuadradas adaptado de Handmade Electronic Music de Nicolas Collins, un generador de Triangle LFO de onda modulada de Musif From Outer Space (MFOS) de Ray Wilson y un secuenciador de 8 pasos adaptado del kit Baby 10 Sequencer del 1980.

Al final del curso, también vamos a hacer una caja/contenedor para sus módulos. En el transcurso del taller vamos cubrir una gran variedad de componentes, así como los esquemas y teoría de electronica, de una forma divertida, con un enfoque práctico en el no solo haremos un instrumento diverso, hecho a mano, sino que también tendran las bases que les permita experimentar y crear sus propios diseños para ampliar su instrumento después de finalizado el curso.

Also, for those interested in spreading the word, here’s another flyer with all the pertinent information. As the old saying goes, sharing is caring.

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