From Guatemala With Love

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Back at the end of February, Paulina, Mariela and I went to Guatemala to participate in Espacio G’s Festival Internacional de Performance Forma y Sustancia, with both our m+v project, as well as Pau and Mar’s Canal Corporeo project. Here’s a few snippets of what we did while in Guate – or at least what we did artistically – I ended up coming down with a pretty bad cold after our performance and professionalism dictates that I don’t broadcast photos of me wandering around Antigua with a fever looking for soup. Anyways, enjoy – as always, should the need for questions or comments arise, you know how to reach us. Also, many thanks to the good folks at Espacio G for graciously providing documentation of our performances, as well as organizing an interesting and innovative festival.

~ by vauxflores on April 16, 2013.