Prototype Season Continues

Three new additions to the ever-increasing pantheon of VauxFlores custom builds, this time working around the theme of one-knob wonders, available in three different flavors. Specifically, them’s be; a Platano Solo, a tropical fuzz designed for, well, solos, A Platano Bajo, a nasty, yet refreshingly smooth bass fuzz and a Pejibayito, which is actually a pretty nice sounding dirty boost/drive. All three are available for just shy of $50 apiece on our Etsy shop. Check them out. Take the plunge. Then grab some water – it’s hot out there.

Update: These critters flew off the shelves. Lots of behind-the-scenes logistics in the works at the moment – but there should be a new batch of one-knob wonders in the works come autumn. Will keep ya posted.


~ by vauxflores on July 1, 2013.