VF in the Field

Number 23

Recently, we sent a modified Number 23 to San Francisco artist Joshua Churchill for use in a couple upcoming projects of his, as well as to see what sounds a much more capable guitarist is able to conjure out of said box. Here’s his first report – needless to say, I’m blown away – take a listen and you’ll be as well. As a heads up, there’s only a few boxes remaining from the second batch of 23’s – two in fact. One’s available for direct order from the workshop in New York, and the other’s available at RetroTone Guitars in Costa Rica. These are also the final two remaining 23 circuit-boards, meaning that there won’t be any additional 23’s for a second until another batch is made – I guess what I’m trying to say here is get ’em while the gettin’s good, y’all.

Ala the track, here’s what’s up in his own words – this is from his Plumes project, by the way:

“the loop at the beginning is just guitar w/ a tiny bit of OD, running thru a stereo delay and reverb (no VF23 at first).

you can hear where i start to blend in the VF23 (at about a minute in).
the 23 is on for the rest of the track (along with the aforementioned delay and reverb, and occasional OD running before the 23).”
Enjoy – and as always, don’t be a stranger.

~ by vauxflores on July 31, 2013.

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