More Natural Intelligence


A quick update, considering there’s actually a lot going on at the moment. First, here’s a link to the initial press about the Inteligencia Natural show from out last post, providing a nice overview of the show through the lens of Costa Rica’s La Nacion newspaper.

Secondly, as mentioned, I provided some sound design for the show. For anyone interested in taking a listen, here it is. Keep in mind that this is intended to be installed in a space to compliment the atmosphere of the show, etcetc. so for the full experience, I guess what I’m saying is you’ll have to head south and check it out.

Ala descriptions, here’s what’s up with the track: Processed field recordings conducted in the town of Yorkin, on the Costa Rica-Panama border. Presented as an ongoing sound installation in the Mariposario of El Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, September – December 2013 as part of Inteligencia Natural, a show on climate adaptation sponsored by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

~ by vauxflores on September 14, 2013.