Inherent Charm

Charm City


Ok, so remember in our last post how I mentioned how lots of things were happening? Here’s one of them: Outside of the world of art, sound design, analog circuitry, glitched images and nostalgic writing about the passage of seasons there’s also the whole concept of what it is that I actually “do” for a living. In my case, I’ve been fortunate that for the past two years what I did was directly related to art, sound design, analog circuity, glitched images and nostalgic writing about the passage of seasons. And for the foreseeable future, that’s still going to be the case, with one small exception – on top of the aforementioned, we’ll also be adding the title of Academic Technologies Administrator to the list. Well, that’s more of the general job description – the title is something else, but long story short, I accepted a position at a school in Baltimore, Maryland and will be moving to Charm City over the next few weeks for an anticipated start date in early October. Meaning, there might be a slight lull in productivity while we (being Pau and I) change locales – it might take a second here to set up a new workshop, as well as gather the materials from New York and Costa Rica before we reach full-productivity in the electronics department again. As the sign says, “Pardon our Dust,” or something like that. At the moment, inventory s a little low – basically whatever we have is available on Etsy – give us a month or so and that will change. As in larger production runs, a new design or two on the horizon and a couple surprises just in time for the holidays. In all, this is very exciting and we’re happy to share the news. In the meantime, we’ll update y’al when we can as we get settled in our new port-of-call.

~ by vauxflores on September 19, 2013.