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Ok, so it’s been over two months since the last time we updated. Probably a little too long, but to admit, it’s been busy. Moving to a new city and settling into the groove of the new day gig takes it’s toll. Not to mention settling into a new apartment, nesting, shuffling, sifting, storing, etc. Looks like we’ll be in Baltimore for a second so the usual minimal rig is expanding and the desire for such things as housewares and the like have taken precedent. Hell, the next flight I take might not even contain a toolkit in my carryon. Hah. That’ll be the day. Tjohns: age 30, forever shoehorned into the societal expectation of mad-scientistry, electrical and otherwise. Regardless of that, hey, we’re back. And as usual, there’s a bunch in in the works now that the new routine is more or less established. First up: a new synth – Number 44. It’s a three-oscillator lofi noise-box paired with a 4-step sequencer designed to either be used as a stand-alone box or a shaky voltage controller for the times when you need a jittered march in your modular. It’s cool. And also being featured as an item you can pick up at MEDIATE’s 2013 SilentSonic Annual Fundraiser, happening at Alter Space in San Francisco, Ca. on Friday, December 13. I love Friday the 13ths. Maybe not the movies, though I did once work at the summer camp where the second one was filmed. It was pretty creepy. Creepier still was that Henry Kissinger’s estate was situated on the other side of what stood in for Crystal Lake. How’s that for a trivia item, eh? Either way, if you’re in SF and might potentially be interested in participating in a bidding war for an exclusive, hand-made instrument, take a spin over and check it out. By the way, this is what the little guy looks like. Neat, right?

Number 44

More on the way. It’s good to be back.

Also, this is what it does in video form. I’ll post an official build report soon.

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