VF’s Gold Standard Reviewed by Pedal of the Day

Howdy Y’all –

Just a quick heads up that our Gold Standard fuzz pedal was recently reviewed by Pedal of the Day. Here’s the link to the review and a hearty shout-out to Mike B for having such an amazing blog, as well as taking interest in VauxFlores. Lots more on the way, but figured it was about time to mention this on the official channel instead of the just the various viral satellites we employ to help spread the good word.

Ah yes – if the spirit moves, here’s where you can buy said effect, as well as the rest of our available wares – enjoy!





VauxFlores on Etsy


Ah, and for those curious to hear what the Gold Standard sounds like in a more performative setting than the usual minute and a half test-riffs, check this little number out:


~ by vauxflores on May 31, 2014.