The Eyes Have It


Things one can do at the end of summer while waiting for the birth of your daughter: design and build tiny noise devices that prove that cute and control voltage can be harmonious together. Folks, these be Eyecillators. They’re kind of like last year’s Little Furry Oscillators, but with an additional oscillator and a control voltage output for integration into larger, modular arrays. Granted we’ve traded the fur in for a nice, powered coated enclosure, but hey, progress and industry, it marches. Not to say that we won’t still cover things in faux fur from time to time but that will be contingent on finding a decent fur supply – not so much of that on the Mason-Dixon, unfortunately. So yeah, Eyecillators. They do stuff. Examples and purchasing info = here. That is all. For now. 

~ by vauxflores on August 26, 2014.