30 Seconds of Racket, Pt. 1



Hi all – a week and a half looms between now and the birth of our daughter. Pau’s parents flew in last night and there’s a mountain of stuff on my desk that I should probably take care of before we’ve relegated to three-hour feeding shifts for a few months. First up – video demos! I actually just stumbled onto this earlier this morning – proving that I really don’t google my name all that often and I’m probably one of the only-non rabid bloggers who thinks it’s a good idea to post things at 7 am. Pau claims there’s a science to virality – that if you post at certain times of day you’re able to generate more of a buzz for your post. I probably believe it, but at the moment the current lifestyle has the whole posting thing earmarked as one of those things you do in your free time. So here I am, at 7 in the morning, writing. Soon I’ll make coffee, but since the in-laws are 2 time-zones behind us, I’ll be courteous and wait. But, rambling aside, check this out: a few months ago I sent a care-package of pedals to Guitar Player Magazine to great success and results. Two months ago one of our pedals was mentioned in a review of a guitar. Then this month there’s a product spotlight on the Gold Standard. And now this – 30 seconds of racket as demoed by the editorial staff of said magazine. More on the way, but supposedly one of the things you’re supposed to do while posting things is to feed your audience bite-sized factoids instead of a complete data-dump. Or so I’ve been told. Either way, talk soon. (t)

~ by vauxflores on September 6, 2014.

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