23’s on the way!

2014-10-01 10.50.04

Hallo Children:

So the internet was down at the workshop all weekend – administrative error involving old resident never actually canceling their service and our provider never actually following up. But after a few hours of stern lecturing to a poor call center employee in a country on the other side of the world, I think things are more or less sorted out and here we are. Gotta say – thanks for the props, support and recognition that the reviews in both Guitar Player and Guitar Moderne have turned out. Nice to know we’re potentially on the right track. As a heads up, we’re planning to expand our operations a bit and are looking for distributors to help with spreading the good word – more on that as it comes up, but at least from my end, the more I can spend building as opposed to marketing, the happier I am. So, if someone might be interested in taking on our wares, please, by all means, get in touch. But in the meantime, after a short break for baby stuff, we’re happy to announce that production at the workshop has begun again in earnest, and batches are being churned out, much to our collective delight. First up is a new batch or 23’s set to coincide with the third anniversary or their original release. Egad, three years – oh how the time flies. He says while entertaining three week old daughter, born slightly before the end of his first year in Baltimore. Time. She be weird. Will let y’all know once the boxes are ready. Until then, feel free to browse our Reverb and Etsy stores and pick up something fancy. The holidays, they be coming. Among other things.




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