Post-Holiday Printwork

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Wow, has it really been two months since the last post? Is that a wise thing to say when you’re trying to be all business-like? And to ignore the holidays and not attempt to barrage loyal followers with Black Friday announcements and exclusive sales and seasonal products, etc? Eh, so it goes. Been busy. Dad stuff. Not to say that I haven’t been soldering. Oodles of thanks to the multitudes who took the plunge and invested in VF wares and devices. Even more so for the interest and recognition. While it seems fairly cliche to say so from a business perspective, 2015 is going to be a pretty killer year. There’s definitely something new on the way, to say the least. More on that as things develop, but in the meantime a quick glimpse into the art side of the empire. I was fortunate to have the holidays off from my day gig and was doubly fortunate to be able to record a couple tracks using only instruments I made myself as the sound source. They’re pretty rough – more like sketches and demonstrations, if anything. I think they’re a little better than some sort of noise-dad donking around in the basement with his hobby-tronics while the kids are at field hockey, but to be honest, I’ve been pretty isolated of late. Either way, I’m sure there’s a certain degree of charm to them. Even more so when you extract the raw file data from them and embed it into an uncompressed digital photograph such as the four landscapes at the top of this missive. Thinking I may have to expand on this idea. Maybe not with landscapes, though – let’s keep it contextual. If only I was a better photographer. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. More on the way when I do.

In other news, Platanos are now $59. We have our reasons. Go get ’em while the getting’s good – we might be taking a break from them for a second. Just saying.

And also, hey now, Happy New year from my family to yours – let’s make it a good one, yeah?

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