This week’s print-haul

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Greetings from Baltimore where Pau and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary by doing something we haven’t done in a long time – namely, eating sushi, one of the major taboo’s of just about any pregnancy. I figure I have about a good 15 minutes more until I succumb to a tuna-flavored stupor, so here’s the latest haul of prints I’ve been working on over the past week or so. Nothing too special – mostly just eye-candy, but hey, sometime’s that’s all you need. The process is again pretty straightforward data bending; combining digital photographs with homebuilt analog synth experiments until something decent is conjured from the ethers. Not quite sure where I’m going with this, but I said I’d do 144 – let’s see how things pan out, yes?

Also, more fun electronics on the way – things tend to slow down in the winter due to ventilation issues, but even so, this winter is mild in comparison – we’ll have something fancy for you soon.




~ by vauxflores on January 27, 2015.