Set away message here

Hi everyone! So just a quick heads up that we’re away from the workshop for a second, taking a long weekend to visit Xime’s grandparents in Costa Rica – fun times! Normally we wouldn’t announce something like this but considering that the online shops have mandatory turnaround times for shipping, etc. we’ve set them to “vacation mode” for the duration. Meaning, if you’re looking to order something from us, you’ll have to wait until we’re back on Tuesday. However, if you happen to be in San José, we’ll be performing at Amon Solar on Monday night and have a pile of exclusive synths and pedals with us for anyone looking to pick up something zesty. More on that later, but I figured I’d at least mention we were away for anyone confused as to why it looks like our tiny cottage industry seems a little bare at the moment. Ok, back to the festivities – more soon!


~ by vauxflores on April 25, 2015.