News: December

So hi there! A few quick missives before we all split for the holidays to do whatever festive things we do. First off, we’re more than psyched to announce that we’re in this month’s issue of Guitar Player,  mentioned by VF pioneer and all-around great guitarist Andy Summers in an interview about his latest album Metal Dog. It’s a good one – if you don’t have it, yo should head out and nab a copy. Always happy to know that our boxes are being used in the field – got a recording featuring a VF box that you’d like to share? Drop us  line and we’ll post it up – community and all that. Here’s the link to the article, btw.

Second: This is probably for the folks who just arrived on this page by way of said article . The capitalist wing of our empire – i.e., our online stores on Etsy and Reverb where we sell these things as we await some sort of game-changing distro deal or something equally big to come our way – are closed until January 7. We realize that this is probably poor timing considering the whole holiday rush and the article and the fact that we should be sending out marketing blasts with 20% deals and whatnot, but hey, we’re different. And we’re also out of the country visiting family and decided that we’d rather devote our time to having a nice holiday as opposed to staying home waiting for a sale to come through or a promotion to manage or something. Need something VF immediately? Check out one of our brick-and-mortars in NYC, SF, Baltimore or Costa Rica. Need to get in touch, drop us a line – all said, we’re pretty approachable. Willing to wait? It’s two and a half weeks – you’ll manage. Go roast some chestnuts and fire up the Pandora holiday station.

Third: Happy Holidays! 2015’s been an amazing year – thanks for sharing it with us and we look forward to an exciting 2016.

Fourth: Thanks to everyone who participated in our TicoTronics workshop this week – here’s some pictures of said event – looking forward to teaching a couple more of these in the not-s0-distant future.








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