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Hi all – apologies for the delay in missives here – things have been a little nuts at the day gig. The joys of working at a university that prides itself on public policy studies and community outreach during an electron year in a city with its fair deal of issues in need of addressing. Or something to that extent. Needless to say, production has slowed a tick to accommodate such things as sleep and exhaustion, but hey now, a minute to sit down and type.

Two lines of business. First up is on the 23rd of this month, we’ll be offering an electronics workshop at Rhizome DC in Takoma Park, Md. It’ll be our first workshop in the US and we’ll be building a new iteration of the PauTron circuit, designed with more CV outputs and a couple component tweaks. Buy in is $100 and if you’re into it and in the area, you should totally come – Rhizome = good people and this space should be totally supported.

Secondly, I (being Travis, human/singular, as opposed to VauxFlores, concept/plural) have been recording again and am happy to share the first addition to a new project, currently being called “The Mysterious Sounds of the VauxFlores Sound System (in Stereo)” – something that I’ve been longing to do for a good long while now and finally have the time and direction to do so. In a nutshell, I’m doing what I can to combine my love of experimental electronics and builders with the whole diy, homebuilt studio experiments that spawned dub music in project that only utilizes instruments I’ve built myself to record and produce. Here’s the first two additions. More to come. Would love input.

Ok – gotta run. Baby to be fed. Will be in touch.

~ by vauxflores on April 3, 2016.

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