May Report 1


Considering the last post is over a month old, I should probably put something new up to maintain the idea that this is a current project and al that. Because, all said, it is. The workshop was awesome. And exhausting. After a nice dinner in Takoma Park with the family and our good friend Analog Tara, we drove home and I think i was awake for maybe 5 minutes, passing out before even Xime fell asleep for at least the 5th time in her toddler-aged life. Oh the joys of burning the candle in so many places you might as well just throw the whole thing in a larger fire. So. It’s May. Here’s what’s up in the neighborhood. First off, building. I know I do that like, all the time, but a good chunk of the inventory is currently out of stock so let’s do something about that. With any luck, new 23‘s, Gold Standards and Eyecillators will be back on the shelf by the end of next week in time for my first live show in about a year. Yup. Decided to standardize some of the older analogs into a new performance rig that’s about 90% home-built. That’ll be in DC on the 14th. More on that soon. Should be fun – not to mention it’ll help generate some documentation for a thing I’m applying to – and practice for another upcoming show in Baltimore in June, hosted by the Spleencoffin folks. Both’ll be some late-night jams – let’s see how that goes. I’ve never been a night person – let’s hope I can manage to play after 11. There’s also a new workshop in the works – featuring a new design – kind of a sequenced switched capacitor filter type thing. Will update on progress as it progresses. Also headed to Moogfest later this month to lend a hand to EMA. Bringing the family as well. So yeah, in all , hey art’s being made and done. And with that, let’s get cracking. Today I actually have a ay off on a weekday and it’s exactly 9AM – meaning I have exactly 8 hours of taking care of at least a month’s worth of business hour errands to take care of. Fun! Catch ya on the flip side.

~ by vauxflores on May 6, 2016.