Second Inaugural May Report


Fact: I cannot spell “inaugural” for the life of me. I used to have problems with analyze, but after one musicology paper (my only to date), that was cured but quick. Hopefully the current trent of labeling everything “inaugural” might do the trick – hey now – first try. But I thick I was cheating. So. It’s the end of the month. Here’s what we’re up to. The show in Takoma was a ripping success – and somehow the sound system didn’t crash and burn. Eyecillators were sold and the drive back featured my favorite DC latin station having a live birthday bash for one of the DJ’s, so the hour burn back to Baltimore wasn’t as dolorous as it usually is. Gotta say that I’ve missed performing. More of that’s definitely on the horizon, starting in as little as two weeks. MoogFest was also inspiring, even if I was just acting in tech capacity to my buddies. Hopefully there’s room in the rotation on a later iteration. If only the drive back was as nice as the drive back from DC – I-95 is less than pleasant in the rain when you only have about 3 hours of sleep under your belt. Either was we’re home safe and have some downtime to build – a good thing since the bench is currently 20+ projects deep – yikes! Speaking of, I should probably stop typing and knock one of these out. But in the meantime, enjoy the video of the Takoma show. More coming.

~ by vauxflores on May 24, 2016.

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