Greetings from Mexico!

Hi all – so as the title and the picture of the giant flag does report, we are in fact in Mexico City at the moment. Current activities include delivering a synth, researching Latin American sound art, meeting with artists, hitting up galleries and museums, catching up with old friends and eating everything in site. An extra emphasis on the eating part comes into play tomorrow when we head to Puebla – a UNESCO world heritage site for food, among other things. We’re only out for a week, but to keep things simple, the shops are in vacation mode until the 13th. Of course, if you need to get ahold of me before then, you can always drop a line, but I figured I’d at least give a heads up as to our adventures and whereabouts. I’ll let you know when we’re back and things are re-opened. 




~ by vauxflores on July 8, 2016.