And we’re back once again.


Hey there, tigers!

Just a friendly heads up that we’re back from our vacay and the shops are open again. Mexico was wonderful – thanks for asking. Met some good folks, saw some cool exhibits. Even tried the new Churro-flavored Starbucks beverage and practically went into sugar-shock for at least a good two hours after that. Seriously, sugar regulation, people – an entire generation of potential diabetics will thank you. Al also read David Novak’s Japanoise book. It was interesting, but as someone semi-involved in the west-coast equivalent of that scene, I have my objections – not that I’m going to argue – if anything, I do like his arguments for the notion that the concept that there was a proper “scene” of Japanese noise at any point is negligible, to say the least. Is experimental music as a whole a series of inter-connected vacuums? Who knows – I mean, there was definitely a scene in the bay when I was there. In Baltimore, I’m just ind of doing my thing. There’s a couple other groups, but I’ve really not connected with any of them. My days of house shows are over and there’s kind of a generational/genre gap between folks my age and the sounds I make – with a couple exceptions of course. Not to mention that most of my hang-sessions involve babies right now – gotta love the baby-friends.

So anyways, a couple new projects = in the works. One such being a VF-centric net label designed for the sheer pleasure of seeing as many friends and collaborators on the same page. The other being the box above you. That’s the MossWave – a new workshop box that I’ll be rolling out in DC in a few weeks. It does stuff. It’s nasty. And you can build it for a Benjamin. Other than that, Pau will be in Costa Rica in August for the Central American Biennial, I’ll hopefully be in California for a few days in September and then I’m off to England in November to present a paper in Manchester. More on all of the above will most likely be rolled out. Except for the Churro latte – that’ll be our little secret.

~ by vauxflores on July 17, 2016.