To Some Good Things

Yowzka – kind of an ominous title, but all said, not really. More like I’ve realized that it’s been a good minute since I’ve updated this here page and for the sake of currency, I should let you know what’s up, in order of ascending things.

Thing one: Mosswaves. They’re a thing. Rhizome DC hosted a workshop that was so popular that we’ve booked another for the folks on the waiting list. The circuits still in workshop stage – meaning that it’s possibly a little too experimental to go full production, but we’re getting there. Either way, I’m kind of surprised at the influence of maker culture on general capitalism – the minute you give someone the option to make it yourself, it becomes this great commodity as opposed to something artisan made. What’s the point of hand-made if it wasn’t made by your hand or something. Either way, I still have some circuits left, so there will be at least a couple proto-Mosswaves in the works before the holidays.

Thing 2: Tourism. Getting back into that. Xime just turned two, so now that a good portion of our existence isn’t the two of us raising a baby hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from the nearest doting family member it’t time to hit the road for a second. I mean, not along the lines of absentee father road-hitting, but as a performer, there’s gigs to be had. In that lint, I’ll be in San Francisco next week getting my jam on with Alex Catona from Costa Rica/Romania. More on that or a day or two.

Thing three: Production stuff. Gonna be shaking that up in a second. VF’s turning 5. And in some degrees, we’ve come a long freaking way. In other aspects, not so much. One is in production. When I started building for, how you say, money in 2011, I had a lot of time on my hands and cut certain corners in production knowing I could make it up due to the fact that I had oodles of ample time and a studio at my disposal. Now that Xime’s 2, she has her own room and the workshop is in a bot of a refugee status. Truth be told, we’re out-growing the nest. Needless to say, I want to keep building, but now that there;s the day gig, the plan is to deplete the current supplies of circuit boards and redesign the boxes to be assembled slightly faster. A lot has changed in the past 5 years ala small-scale industrial production. It’s time to adapt. As a heads up, things might be unavailable as that happens. I’ll be as transparent as I can as the process digs in.

Thing four: VF Industrial. This drops next week. A slight change of direction influenced by the Japanoise book and my meeting with Carlos Amorales over the summer. Long story short, I’m creating a web label. Yeah, archaic, I know. But the plan is to have a place on the web where various friends and influences are all united on one page Who knows, maybe one day some journalist or scholar will write an enthographic field study about us. The first records drop on Sept. 22. The next batch on the winter solstice. Stay tuned.

Thing five: Politics. I’m not much of a political mouthpiece, but keep in mind that we’re an immigrant family from an area of the world described by a certain political candidate as a collection of murderers and rapists – and that was the first shot across the bow at the start of said deplorable human’s grasp for power. It’s only been downhill from there and as much as I have my gripes with another politician who forced a government shutdown for archaic political gains that prolonged the processing of our initial round of immigration paperwork, the fact remains that the various notions of immigration reform swirling around the finely coiffed head of a certain small-handed vulgarian do not bode well for my family’s upcoming round of biometrics and interviews. So, that being said, here’s my plea. You don’t have to like the other person – I mean, hell, as a New Yorker I’m fairly disappointed with her senatorial record, but if you like Pau, Xime and I, try to vote your conscious in a way that will prevent the election of fascist xenophobes with anti-immigration agendas. Just saying. And that is about as “I’m with Her” as I can get, but I figure it needed to be said.

No picture this time. These are words – read them. As much as I’d like to offer a fancy picture to the aggregates each time, sometimes I’d rather just get it all on paper without having to crack open the Photoshop. Dig?

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