Halfway from the Freeway


Definitive signs of aging: jet lag does weirder things to you for longer. Of course it would help if I set my computer clock back to EST, but considering that I really don’t use my laptop as much as I used to, thank you phone and work computer, so it goes. The gears, they change and I try to head back to the office as if nothing’s happened – if only that were the case – 3 shows, a recording session and a manic burn to San Diego to check out the general environment of the city that may be the next whistle stop for my little family. More on that later. Still adjusting. The last time I tried to do one of these weekend warrior jaunts, the first thing I did on return was accidentally smash the family iPad on one of my road cases owing to the ill effects of sleep deprivation and gravity. At the moment, we’re three days out, so I think we’re in the clear with regard to broken objects, but there’s still the small matter of catching up on everything. Case in point, things need to be built like whoa. And if you’re expecting an email from me, you’ll get it. I arrived back in Baltimore on Tuesday, and had just enough energy to shower and crash. Wednesday was 8 hours at the day gig and a dance party with Xime – because that’s what you do when you’re away from your toddler for a week. Thursday was all about the dentist appointment that was actually on Wednesday and doing sound for a folk music concert. And now it’s Friday, and I feel like I’m channelling a Cure song. You know, the one about the days of the week. So ok – the first shot across the bow of productivity. No emails have been sent, but I did take the initiative of crunching the lave recordings from this jaunt. So here they are, in chronological order. Listen, like and love. More on the way as always. No rest for the wicked, and apparently whatever I am as well. Special thanks to Alex, Noah, Sarah, Matt, Rent, Aram, Moe!, Thomas, Kanoko and everyone else who contributed to a charming weekend of jams in Fog City.

f.org, 09.22.2016, The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

f.org, 09.23.2016, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, Ca.

Catona/Johns/Phillips, 09.24.2016, Studio Grand, Oakland, Ca.


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