The Mancunian Report


So hey there. For those who actually read my postings as opposed to just scrolling through the pictures in search of furry guitar pedals and whatnot, you’ve probably gotten the clue that I’ve been a little busy since my last missive since the links are still empty and there’s no nifty pictures. Thankfully, the year is winding down – or at least in some regards. For those that have been under a rock, it appears that the closest thing that my country’s had to a tyrant on the level of the ones that the CIA’s been propping up in other Western countries for over a century now has somehow been elected into the executive office. Somehow, somewhere, I’ve embraced a mantra taken from a Flying Burrito Brothers song, copping my best Gram Parsons accent and crooning “on the 58th floor, a gold-plated door, won’t keep out the Lord’s burning rain.” And this is coming from someone typically against country music, religion and political statements. But that’s a story for another day. In the meantime, I figured I’d at least report that I’m recently returned from the Sines-Squares festal in Manchester, England. Splendid time, truly. Met some new friends, presented the Colorado Adventure as an actual academic paper (I’ll post it up later) and performed before flying home via a circuitous route afforded to me by one airline being so terrible that they simply just transferred me to their competitor to have one less passenger to worry about. I’m still on UK time at the moment and my body thinks it’s somewhere around 3 AM, but I at least figured I’d mention the adventure while it’s still fresh. Thanks to the organizers and everyone else. More in a tick.


By the way – for anyone interested in how I sounded, here’s a link for you:

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