Three New Releases on VF Industrial

Hey there true believers,

As mentioned in the last post, three new releases dropped last week on the VFI net label. In theory, I was supposed to post about that as it came up, but something unfortunately came up by way of a deer splaying itself across my hood at about 40 miles per hour on the way to visit my family in New York. For those interested in experiencing the sheer ecstasy of dealing with insurance claims and transportation over the holidays when most body shops are closed and the car is physically 300 miles away, let me tell you, the ecstasy part is lacking.


What’s not lacking is the quality of these releases, however. First up is Consumer Affairs by The Flayed Choirmaster. Admittedly, I don’t know much about his work – he arrived in San Francisco right after I left, but I’ve seen his name pop up here and there. After my first post about the first three releases, he wrote me asking of he could release something and considering that part of this project is to be as inclusive as I can, how could I say no?


Second is the first studio record by, the cello + electronics duo I’m currently playing in wish Alex Catona from down Costa Rica way. Also credited is the Norman Conquest on this hit, since when you record with Norman, he’s always part of the mix. We recorded it in Oakland before of of our west coast gigs back in September. Hoping this leads to many awesome things. For instance, shows in Europe, or something.


Finally, we’ve got Grandes Exitos 2011-2015 by Costa Rican culture-jamming sound artist Bloqueos. Clocking in at over 4 hours long, this is a greatest hits album of sorts – in that every track has already been released on various other labels. In fact, even this record has already been released in it’s entirety, with the only modification being a slightly-altered cover just so there’s no confusion. Or something. Above all, I’m just happy to share some of this stuff with a few other rings of the sphere. I’ll need to check the pulse of the current scene down south, but for the briefest moment, there was a pretty amazing convergence of sound artists and experimental musicians in San JosĂ©, Esteban being a crucial member of that scene.

So yeah, more on the way with another three releases scheduled for March, possibly with another few surprises in the mix as well, but at least for the moment, I’m enjoying my last few days of holiday rest, albeit car-less. Hoping I can clear a large chunk of projects off the desk if I can. Wouldn’t that be the day, yeah?

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