And the world continues to turn, it seems


SO hi there. It’s been an unseasonably warm January in Baltimore, albeit gloomy in both the meteorological sense, as well as the spiritual one as well. Not to say that there hasn’t been a few nice days, but if we stick to the weather, it does feel like we’re somewhere in the UK as opposed to on the other side of the Atlantic where the birds are happy and there’s always music in the air. At least from a personal perspective, things have been quiet here as we’ve pretty much sheltered in place, waiting for whatever was going to happen when in proximity to Washington happen. Having a toddler and being in a perpetual state of immigration, the thoughts of coming into contact with either tear gas or detention by a militarized police force, instantly forfeiting the thousands of pages of documents and dollars sent thus far in our current adventure into bureaucracy. Never a good thing. Not to say that we aren’t with the rest of you in spirit but hey, family comes first.

That out of the way, this is what we have been up to – our car drama has come to an end as well as a new beginning it seems as we finally plunked down and bought ourselves a brand new auto. Same make and model, just 10 years younger. Given that this was our first experience with shopping for a new car, we were a little blindsided by the experience, almost accidentally bought a very expensive jeep without realizing it and in frustration, decided to go with what we knew. So there’s that. Leaving the dealership, the general thought was that it feels great to have a mild return to normalcy in our routine. Life, as they say, goes on. Focusing on the positive, there’s also a few art shows on the horizon, a couple shows in Ohio and Washington in Feb/March, a pending tour at the end of March and the course I’m teaching at the University of Baltimore on Technology in the Arts. More on that as it comes available. As usual, a couple proposals involved things that haven’t been invented yet, so I should probably get on that.

Finally, to address the possibly too-neglected cottage nest of electronics, the Pejibaye was featured on Pedal of the Day about a week ago, providing an insight into what it does in a better fashion than I could possibly explain it. Of course the review came at a time when I was basically out of Peji’s, meaning the chance to surf the hype was a limited, but hey, bigger waves be out by the breakers. It’s just a matter of paddling out and fighting the rips.

Speaking of, tomorrow’s my first class as an official college professor. How about that?

As a proviso, I started writing this a week ago and then got sidetracked by course preparation, etc. Since then, the world has become a much darker place by way of a degenerate vulgarian who’s managed to surround himself with the correct group of sycophants willing to pass his insipid agenda along without any reflection of juan soul or conscience. Here’s hoping the money runs out and a hole forms in the wall. Obviously I’m not a fan. But of course, for the sake of immigration purposes, let’s hope my usual florid prose only tips the hat that I’m a terrible writer, as opposed to anyone in need of some extreme vetting. Though what the veterinary sciences have to do with immigration enforcement, lord only knows.

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