Still turning somehow, albeit in a more interesting fashion


Trying to remain positive in light of the general paranoia that currently comes as part of the package of being an immigrant family in the current regime. As I write this, I’m taking care of my weekly office hours duties, which, being new to the faculty game, I’m realizing is less about providing a time for you to be available to meet with students, but more about taking the time to actually do something in your office. Hence this post. I’m also fresh off the plane, having taken a trip out to Ohio to lecture in the possible anticipation of another academic position. More on that as it comes through the pipes, but I figured I’d mention that to put things in perspective as they unfold. So, what’s new? Other than the barrage of news media about the reality show currently called the United States of America, there’s actually a few shows and some music I should mention, if only to keep things relevant. First, the shows. Now that Xime’s old enough to spend time with both mom and dad, we’re beginning to branch out a bit and start booking things again. Upcoming on my end is a show in Takoma Park at the Electric Maid on Feb 25th. This will probably be a Sound System show, though I’ve also considered dusting off a could Max patches to twiddle around with. I guess I should figure that out sooner than later. Also upcoming is the retirement festivities back out on Ohio of my dear friend, mentor and professor John Talbert, where I’ll be performing on laptop and sound system, delivering a lecture and supporting Pau in her presentation as well. Also on the bill will be some stuff by Peter B and Bevin Kelley – always fun! After that, an east coast tour with Alex Catona and a lecture at Columbia University – and then a show at RhizomeDC taking us into May. Looking forward to every and all. But in the meantime, lots of building to be done, a few pending releases on VF Industrial and a heads up that VF collaborator Brandon Ross has been really going deep with his 23. Here’s a recent track of his – check it out!



~ by vauxflores on February 16, 2017.