Digital White, Revisited

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Ok, so the past two posts were a little dark – but eh, dark times and all that. This one, not so much. Just a quick update on the Digital White project that I started a while back – you know the one where I feed a bunch of data to the wrong program and watch it barf out images? Admittedly not the most graceful way of describing my process, but it’s basically what I’m doing in this case. In the first installation, which produced 125 5×5″ prints, I was basically throwing whatever sounds I had into the software and seeing what became of it. For this batch, things are a little more curated. For instance, now all sounds are the result of instruments I built myself. Also up is the fact that this is only part one of the project – as it so happens, my day job has at least two laser cutters floating around. Provided I can make a deal or two with their respective departmental curators, the next step in this project is to have these prints, comprised entirely from raw audio data of synthesizer improvisations, to be laser-etched onto various materials and then re-scanned back into the digital realm – along with whatever imperfections picked up along the way. Think of it as filtering and processing by way of physical medium. Not to mention that I’d rather own a laser-etched art piece that I can hand on the wall that actually contains the embedded data needed to create a piece of music as opposed to sealed 180 gram vinyl and a download code. But that’s just me. And as I repeatedly learn the longer I spend time outside of my bubble, apparently I’m different. Ever wonder about the true significance of your field of research? Teach an elective course – you’ll find your entire system of existence blown to smithereens by midterms. Speaking of, I should probably message my class about where the instructions for their midterm is on the CMS, upload some PowerPoints and hack together a quiz – all the while preparing for a show in DC tomorrow (decided on the laptop rig as opposed to the Sound System), a few days of festivities in Ohio and all the rest. Will be in touch. Apparently in the absence of social media this is now my outlet. A good thing? Maybe. We’ll see.

~ by vauxflores on February 25, 2017.

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