Post-Ohio Decompression


Hey gang,

It’s Saturday morning and I have a second to provide an update on what’s happening in our neck of the woods, both with regard to personal, professional and artistic. We were all in Ohio last week for the retirement party of a professor from undergrad and a departmental reunion – had a wonderful time, but between Pau and I we also performed three recitals and put up a preview of a couple new instruments on top of putting 800 miles on the car round trip. This week was all about recovery. At least I had a quiz and an open lab scheduled for my class this week – no idea how I’d be able to lecture on top of all that. Supposedly I have a midterm due next week, but there’s already talk of canceling class due to snow – possibly the first actual storm in Charm City all year. So it goes.

Outside of that, it’s a total waiting game at the moment as the applications I submitted at the end of last year are churning through the pipes. Hopefully I’ll hear something soon and make the necessary preparations when it comes time to pull the trigger. In a few weeks, Alex will be flying up for a few shows and then Pau has a solo show at Rhizome that we’re frantically preparing for. Tomorrow I’ll be holed away writing a paper about hydrography for a conference in NY – so yeah, lull and frantic, simultaneously and interchangeably.

Of note – in the fundraising/electronics dept, we’ve dropped the price on the 24 to move out the final stock – it’s been a great pedal, but juggling 5 production models gets tricky and the thought is that it’s time to streamline the operation and make some new stuff. Just saying. I’d probably be more than willing to build one custom if you asked nicely, but for now this is what we have.

Also – hey, here’s a recording from my set in DC the other week. Still waiting for the recordings from Ohio – will post them as soon as they’re up.

~ by vauxflores on March 11, 2017.