Springtime Post-Industrial

As it seems the world of busy never abates, another proclamation for the masses. Namely, being that it’s the first day of spring, three new releases have dropped on the experiment and potentially focal pivot of existence otherwise known as VF Industrial. Rounding out this season we have:


José Duarte – CR Dístopia. Imagine a future where the insistence on preserving the pristine aspects of eco-tourism and the perceived image of a globalized paradise has turned ugly and anyone not willing to support the myth disappears into the machinations of systemic rehabilitation. In other words, the sounds of the neopostapocalyptic post-colonialism direct from the source – as told via processed field recordings, VF synths and Pure Data. Click the picture, take a listen.


Headboggle – Music for PC. Bay Area synth wizard and Buchla aficionado Derek G presents an extended mix of acoustic piano music for your entertainment and general  befuddlement. Recorded on a series of pianos across San Francisco, this mix was originally made to accompany films by visual artist Paul Clipson, and serves as the only current archive of their collaboration – in glorious stereophonic sound.


Finally, we have Mare Island, by [ruidobello]. For this record, sound artist Jorge Bachmann presents a series of haunting mixes that combine haunting synthesizers with field recordings conducted at an abandoned navy shipyard located 20 or so miles north of San Francisco. For your safety, listen to this in the company of at least one friend and have a couple blankets available to take the chill off.

And there we have it. More on the way, including a small bit of tourism I’m undertaking in the ned few days – midterms are almost finished grading and a slew or emails need to go out by the ned of the week. I should probably continue hammering away at this paper I’m scheduled to present at Columbia University in a few weeks, there’s wiring to be done and recordings to be made. Ah yes, and episodes of a certain zombie-themed tv show to be watched – probably the hardest thing on the list to do. Seriously, it’s like we’re watching it in 7 minute chunks as we try to get our tv-ma viewing in while the little one’s asleep. The problem is that being a light sleeper, even the slightest zombie sound is prone to waking her. Adult life – so it goes.

~ by vauxflores on March 21, 2017.

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