Two guys with beards and an imaginary webpage

A report and some videos. So for those who read these things for things other than my quasi-paranoid concerns on the deconstruction of certain administrative state, you’ll know that I’m a newly-minted occasional member of faculty of the same institution that I’ve been an administrator at since moving back to this country. And with that, there’s been a slight learning curve – for instance, spring break is a time for grading papers, lesson planning and recovery – not working full-time in the administrative position, grading papers and booking a small east-coast tour with esteemed colleagues. But, as one would figure, that’s what I did and while there’s largely been no regrets with said decision, I am indeed quite tired. However, productivity stops for no one, so I write. With discipline and proper planning, we shall succeed and excel.

Case in point, today’s schedule:

  • 6 AM: Wake up, finish oscillator for art show
  • 7 AM: Make coffee
  • 8 AM: Drill box for custom pedal
  • 9 AM: Materials order for art show and custom orders
  • 10 AM: Paint one box, glue fur to another one
  • 11 AM: Pancakes!
  • 12 PM: Update website (right now)
  • 1 PM: Shower
  • 2 PM: Xime nap – read musicology text
  • 3 PM: Pack art in car, leave for DC
  • 4 PM: Deliver artwork to gallery
  • 5 PM: Return to Baltimore
  • 6 PM: Dinner
  • 7 PM: Playtime – bathtime – bedtime
  • 9 PM: Work on paper for conference
  • 10 PM: Record/mix improvisations on electronics
  • 11 PM: Read, pass out with head in musicology text

And so on. Tomorrow I write more, prepare for Monday’s class and do laundry. But previously, I was on tour with, the duo I play in with Alex Catona that straddles the working definitions of free improvisation and harsh noise. I personally think we’re onto something – it’s just a matter of outlet. More on that later. At the moment, you’ll have to suffice with some videos of us doing our things in New York, Washington DC and Baltimore. They’re pretty good. And they form the basis of the sonic material for a new and forthcoming record entitled “No Fuhrer” – aptly named in the typical revolutionary fashion and in response to attempting to play free music at a time when so many other freedoms are being clamped down. Compared to our previous recordings, things get dark quick. Can music be both free and non-idiomatic as well as political? Can any music be non-political? Hard to say these days. For those who who agree, here’s a quick statement to the assuring manifesto that the powers that be can try as they might, we will fight them wherever we can with whatever tools we have at our disposal. For those who don’t, here’s some videos of two guys with beards playing cello and synthesizer who named themselves after a website that they personally cannot afford to own. More on the way, but keeping to the schedule, I believe the shower is calling.

In solidarity,



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