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Hi All,

So it’s fall. And with that some new releases from the industrial branch, as well as an update on what all we’ve been up to – which is mostly a whole lot of building, writing and waiting. On the building front, I’ve been mostly finishing up projects that have been on the desk for forever and a day. Not much visible progress, but it’s a wonderful feeling to look at the workbench and not see a pile of works in various states of completion. One instrument of note: the second addition to what could be considered the “Industrial” series – in other words, custom units designed for VFI artists based on their custom specs and funded exclusively though the net label. It’s been a bit of a slow-going project, but the general idea is to have all aspects of the VF enterprise support each other, to allow an outlet for artists, provide instruments for them and somehow bring everything together in a holistic, largely non-commercial way. Or something like that. Obviously, money is still changing hands, but it’s a little more communal or something. At the very least, it’s less of a me building the same thing over and over again for money. For this interested in what this second beast was, here’s a pic – I’ll write a larger report later.


The writing should also be self-explanatory. My trusty, decade-old flash recorder bit the dust a few months back so I’ve resorted to jamming into an old rack mount minidisc recorder. Considering that a good portion of my earliest compositions were based around minidisc field recordings, there’s a certain degree of nostalgia and feeling that things have come surprisingly full-circle in a way. But regardless, the simplified press a button and let the tapes roll approach is a nice touch – much better than working with a DAW – I mean, it all ends up there eventually, but with only one computer, recording and performing can be a little taxing on the CPU. Granted, one has to take into account the amount of time for realtime uploads, but eh, so it goes.

Ok – time to scribble is running out – it’s fall. Therefore a couple new recordings from the Industrial wing. Well, not exactly new – more like a decade old. But they’re some of my favorite jams, so somehow its relevant. Not to mention that hey, it’s also experimental music – the thought that more than a couple dozen people have heard these jams is negligible. So here they are – the entire discography from the satellite ensemble. Hope you enjoy them.

satellite001   Sylvedic



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