Retirement, Reflection, Celebration



So hey. Been a second. Been busy. But not so busy this weekend, so I get to take the time to deal with web logistics, etc. Not to mention laundry and other household sundries. Currently clocking month 3 in Ithaca – feels like years. Possibly a good thing? Still sleeping better and stress levels are still much lower than at any time in the past four years. Lucky me. A couple new releases on the horizon via the industrial wing, but first a few announcements.

Announcement 1: Retirement.

Ok – sort of – I’m not retiring. Really of anything. Hell, I’m 35. I’m not eligible for nearly anything for another 25 years. Nor am I giving up the goat or throwing in the towel in the whole creative life thing. The day gig will continue to be the day gig and the nights will be spend with building, writing, recording and what have you until further notice. What is retiring, however, is the Number 24. And no, it’s not going away. In fact, I’ll probably be building them at a greater pace than I’ve been for a while. In fact, it’s probably one of my favorite builds and currently forms the backbone of my home built analog rig. Seriously, it’s great, folks. What I am retiring it from is capitalist production. It’s been 6 years since I built the first 24 in Costa Rica, partially in a response from a client to build something similar to a Supersonic Fuzz Gun – which it actually isn’t, by the way. And in those 6 years, it’s ended up in the hands of some awesome players, who I have nothing but thanks and gratitude for with regard to support, enthusiasm and their willingness to plot a course into the unknown and take a chance on this particular weirdo. But there comes a time when you realize that you have too many balls in the air and it’s only a matter of time before they either come crashing don or you’re simply going through the routine of keeping everything in motion. Especially last year, that was definitely my case. Build, sell, build sell, etc., without any time to design, invent and experiment. Seeing as it’s a new year, in a new town and new everything, I decided that it would be grand to concentrate on a couple new endeavors, and by extension, hopefully figure out new ways of making this industry more efficient and time-friendly. Because trying to work full-time, do the art and electronics thing, write music and be present in the life of a very active preschooler is kind of a handful.

So what does this mean? Simply put, no more direct sales. If you want one, feel free to reach out and I’d be more than happy to build one for you. But no inventory, no marketing, no building with the expectation of exchanging said device for cash unseen from mystery buyers on the internet. I’ll still have them available from time to time on merch tables and as a workshop unit, but other than that, hey, it’s had a good run – let’s put it out to pasture and see where my experiences in building that particular model will take me as I dream up new stuff.

Announcement 2: Reflection.

I’m sure I’ll inevitable go deeper into this one later, but something kind of strange happened the other day while I was sitting in on a lecture by George Lewis at the day gig. He was talking about the notion of Creole aesthetics in contemporary music and while he was listing examples, I kept referencing various pieces of Latin American contemporary art. Which kind of makes me wonder why I feel like I associate with the academic elite in contemporary western music or if that’s a label of a time gone by. It’s weird to think that a gringo farm-kid from upstate New York (currently living and working in upstate New York) could ever potentially identify as a Latin American contemporary artist, but hey, in an era of non-binanry fluid identification where anyone can be anything, why the hell not? Who knows. Like I said. Reflection. I’m sure more will come up on this subject over the next couple months.

Announcement three: Celebration!


So yeah. I’m 35 now. Statistically, hey, my life is half over! I’ve never really made that big a deal about the passage of time, but for some reason this time it’s been a bit of a positive affirmation that I’ve now been ding this creative sound stuff for half my life. Or a quarter of my life if you think of things as being half over – time to refine a thing or two, methinks. Concentrate on what matters most. Rededicate. Enjoy it. Like I said, celebrate. That being said, here’s a horrible recording from my show last week. My flash recorder bit the dust after a decade of use so I attempted to use my even older portable MiniDisc recorder from undergrad. Apparently MD does not do well with my current sonic aesthetic (bass, dynamics, etc). But in effort to document the good, bad ad ugly, here it is. Next workshop, I’m totally investing in a decent Sound Devices recorded (says the noise musician with expensive tastes), but hey, for now, enjoy the crunch.

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