VF Reviewed in Pedal of the Day

Hey all – it appears to be a snow day today. Rare by institutional standards, but apparently it does in fact happen, possibly without Cayuga Lake being frozen from end to end either. In short, office day. Plus a day to hang with the family and take it easy. So far I’ve danced in about 6 “shows” for stuffed animals, went camping twice, built two railroads, houses for the anthropomorphized versions of said trains, read 4 issues of vintage Spider-Man (with the Lizard prevailing as favorite villain so far) and hid from “monsters” (in other words, Pau) about 4 times. I believe we’re experiencing what people have called Cabin Fever. Thinking it might be a good time to get decked out in snow gear and go roll around in the fluffy stuff until we get into possible nap territory. Then some sort of warm beverage, check the slow cooker and see about dialing up some sort of family-friendly feature to get us through until bedtime. I doubt the mail’s running today, but if it is, maybe spend the evening hacking away on a couple projects. I ran out of solder the other day, so if not for that, I’m kind of at a loss, hence webwork. Maybe if I get really desperate, I’ll fire up the old Max patch and see if I can learn me some more Jitter. Because I’m really that far behind. I’m sure I still know Max 4.6 exceedingly well, but hey, video and voltage, kids. But in the meantime, a quick heads up, that the Number 23, which is NOT being retired was recently featured on Pedal of the Day. The video’s at the top of the post. For those into reading, here’s the accompanying article. Good stuff – thanks again for the feature – good words from an awesome site.

OK, being paged. Must return to flustered parenting within the confines of the walls of this-here cabin. Wish me luck, kids.

~ by vauxflores on March 2, 2018.