Potential Spring Sighting Somewhere Along Highway


Fearless and Intrepids:

A missive among snow squalls and white-outs in Ithaca as we approach mid-April. Possibly a little heavy on the winter side of things, but eh, we knew what we were getting into when we moved up here. Not to say that we’ve been around much – I think in the past two weeks, there’s been about 1400 miles of driving logged in the name of democracy, culture and other notions slightly out of style here, but are all the rage elsewhere. Not to say that it’s all been driving – let me fill in the gaps.

2 weeks ago was the run-off election of the Costa Rican national election. Meaning a trip to DC since Pau was still registered to vote at the embassy since she registered to vote while we were still in Baltimore and we couldn’t change it to the NY consulate. We’d already made one trip for the general election back in Feb, but found it imperative to head back for round two since one of the two remaining candidates was a real upstanding creep – the kind of guy ho usually doesn’t get more than 2% of the vote due to fringe extremist views, but since the modern era of politics no longer adheres to common sense, he somehow came out on top in the first round. Not enough to claim victory, but enough to mobilize us thinking folks to action – seriously, the past few months for Pau have involved coalitions and Slack meetings and outreach, etc. in a what felt like a fight to the finish to essentially preserve the status quo in CR – which isn’t necessarily perfect by a long shot, but is fairly peachy in comparison to what could have happened if the alternative came to power. Spoiler alert he didn’t – in fact, he lost by over 70% in the runoff, much to our relief. And by relief, I mean, literal relief – Other than a slow day at the office come April 2, most of the day was spent on the couch in utter exhaustion, feeling elated and repeatedly saying “we did it.” We even bought a New York Times to save the clipping, only to discover that there wasn’t a single mention of the election in our edition. Oh the joys of living in the era of scandal – collusion, treason, adult film stars, chemical weapons and the like, but nothing to the extent of “small nation without army manages to fend of fringe political nightmare by way of direct action and comity engagement.” At least we know it happened. And for that matter, for the silver-lining moment of it all, if it worked there, there’s a chance that it might also work here. The general take-away from it all (even from the perspective of supportive husband, driver and babysitter while Pau took care of all the legwork): democracy is something that we can’t take for granted. That being said, I’m kind of looking forward to primary season so I can yell at various elected officials at town halls and other political functions. For starters.

So that was the first 700 miles. Well, that and a Pejibaye workshop at Rhizome. Trip 2 was back to Baltimore to drop the girls at the airport for two weeks of family and endless summer in CR while I wait another month in Ithaca to be eligible or leave time. Ah to be in a new position at a new occupation again. Speaking of, that’s going well. I don’t normally mention the day gig much here, but it’s been an inspiring run thus far. Not to drift from the subject – I have 2 weeks to myself in the tundra. Junk food will be eaten, movies will be watched, things will get accomplished, video calls will be made. And, in this case, websites will be updated. 2 quick things from the industrial wing.

Thing 1: Steini’s new record! New electronic tunes from Iceland. Need I say more. Click on the picture to get to the page. A quick note on the artwork – about 6 years ago, I sent a pedal and  bug to Steini so he could photograph it in and around Iceland as part of Pau’s Somos Legion piece. And in this case, we also decided to toss the boomerang back into his side of the court to have it manifest as the artwork for this record. Things you can do when you’ve been collaborating with a core group of friends for over a decade. Either way, it’s a good one.


Thing two: my new record. Granted, me self-releasing music isn’t all that newsworthy – I mean, that’s kind of what I do at the moment. Maybe one day that will change, but truth be told, it takes a fair amount of energy and dedication to keeping all the balls in the air and searching out labels and doing the demo dance for experimental music seems a little daunting – especially wen you’re not on social media so the random tendrils of vitality that might lead to a tape release or something aren’t as readily available – BUT, in light of the general sleazery emerging from that world ala data theft, manipulation, propaganda and other aspects of the less utopian aspects of the human condition, I’m glad I got out when I did – for those on the fence, I insist you take the plunge back into the real world – the general shock of how truly anonymous you actually are takes some getting used to, but after a few months off the more toxic sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you realize that you’re better off without them,  all the people you want to keep in touch with will still be in touch with you, the weirdos you’d rather avoid won’t go through the effort of finding you and suddenly every news post that’s just a recap of Twitter reactions has even less of a footing as newsworthy reality. Or maybe I’m just dated. So it goes. Either way, I have a new record composed back in January when it was stupid cold out, mostly made using things I’ve built, as is my tradition these days. Picture = link = music.


Thing final – the good folks from the Ratskin/Decaycast side of the sphere recently wrote up a review of Marlo Eggplant’s latest hit on VFI. Read it here.

And that’s that. More in a bit, but I have this guitar project I’m working on that’s due in a few days. Gotta hop to.



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