The recent past and future

Hey gang,

Snow day here so I figure now might be a good time to fill you in on two things.

Thing the first: The new Number 24 PCB’s are kind of a dream to work with. Just for kicks, I opened up my keepsake blue and pink first edition 24 from 2012 (not pictured to spare me the embarrassment) and holy smoke – we’ve come a long way, baby.


Ala the workshops, we’re still on track for our February outings. I need to confirm that the enclosures will arrive on time to make them extra classy, but it’s nice to see how these critters have come together. Next on deck will be a re-release of the Eyecillators, possibly as a board-mounted number only slightly larger than a business card. Why? Because why not? More on that as it comes together.

In the meantime, another heads up that I just completed another build report. Curious about how I spent a sliver of my summer, take a gander at this:


~ by vauxflores on January 20, 2019.