Seasonal Jams

Yo. Finally have a brief respite from a fairly active workshop season, as well as a fair amount of interest in the latest iteration of the Eyecillators. I’m always amused on how terrible I m at documenting things when they’re actually happening. But here I am on an off evening, having run out of solder in spite of the fact that I literally order that stuff by the pound now. So I write. The next solder shipment probably won’t arrive for about five days so here’s our window for web administration. Let’s see how much we can accomplish, yeah?

First up, releases! As another season has passed, what better way to celebrate said time slipping through the hourglass than through a couple new choice recordings from the net label. First up, a nice jam from Pau and I from 2012-ish consisting of minimally processed field recordings from the Yorkin preserve on the Costa Rica-Panama border. It was originally featured as part of a show at the National Museum of Costa Rican that Pau curated and now lives on via this small niche in the land of web. Steini says it sounds like Xenakis. I blush.


Next for the season is Advection (Slow Names 8) that comes by way of Hey Exit, otherwise known as Brendan Landis. It’s pretty cool. Even cooler is that it was made with VCV Rack, which is apparently a free, computer-based modular synth which I really wish I knew existed before dropping the ridiculous amounts I have on my own tiny system. Not that I have any regrets. Yolo and all that. Even cooler is that every download of said record includes the patch files to recreate the pieces, which I’m totally all about.

Aight – that concludes post 1. Go ye take a listen. I’m gonna go clean the kitchen.

~ by vauxflores on May 2, 2019.

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