Front page acknowledgment of our seasonal audio harvest

Hi-ho folks – another update to get everyone up to speed on our general silence over the past couple months – like I said, we’ve been busy. Lots of travel, a couple workshops and a whole lot of sweat equity as we spend nearly every waking moment working on the house we closed on over the summer. It’s been an adventure. But all said, the general feeling of having reached a decent plateau of stability after 5 years of preparations and machinations is pretty freaking rewarding. Not to mention that Xime has a home base for her scholastic adventures and for the first time in a very long time, I feel generally grounded and centered. And yet somehow in spite of that all, there’s still a degree of wanderlust as I find myself occasionally looking at apartments in Manchester, Mexico City and back in Costa Rica. Because, why not? But enough about that – here’s the first update of at least a couple that I hope to hammer out sooner than later. Ladies and germs, introducing the first of the latest haul of VFI releases.

Release the 38th: Tim Walters – Neither here nor there.

Its some pretty dope electroacoustic magic rendered in Supercollider and recorded while commuting to and from work – which I should totally get on board to do on my end, but alas, my poor laptop as the battery life of… an appropriately short battery-life thing. But enough about me – listen to this:

¬†Speaking of, here’s a couple reviews of said recording – first up, this one from Avant Music News. Then there’s this one from All said, hey now, its amazing to see that this low-effort labor of love is getting noticed. Thanks again to Tim for releasing – looking forward to hearing what comes next.

Speaking of, here ends this edition of filling in the gaps of the past 5 months. Tune in next time when I wax poetic about a record that tok me 4 years to record nearly a decade ago, as well as what idiot trade wars do to folks who rely on aluminum boxes to craft their respective wares. Until next time, crew.

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