Synthetic expansion!


Oi! A heads up that I’ve finally gotten around to officially documenting the second of our new generation of stand-alone synths on this here site. Officially speaking, meet the EyeTron, which is kind of the spiritual successor to a coupe past builds – namely the Deluxe and Double Eyecillators from sometime about 5 years ago-ish. The story behind it: Sometime back in June, right before we closed on the house mentioned int he previous post, the deal almost fell apart and I needed something to keep my mind off the general administrative gauntlet of what you have to do to keep a seller from walking away from a deal due to a failed septic tank and who’s legally responsible for replacing it before closing, cost be damned. Which I should mention, for those who ever end up in such a situation, the solution is to have your lawyer remind the other party a.) they’re responsible for paying the full amount of the replacement and b.) walking away from the deal is a breach of contract with legal ramifications much greater than the price of a concrete box. Hrmm – maybe I’m still a little sore about that – what I can say – ’twas stressful. BUT, we managed, we have a brand-new septic tank and in the duration, I kind of rage-designed a new synth that combines three Eyecillators with modulation scheme of my beloved BugBrand Postcard Weevil. Not to mention there’s a cool lookin’ penguin silkscreened on the back. Its pretty neat. Anyways, here’s a video of it doing its thing. Price is $59 and I’ll make more soon – currently preoccupied with replacing the floor in the kitchen. Because, domesticity.


~ by vauxflores on November 23, 2019.

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